Juniors Invite

 Give Curling a Whirl on Wednesdays

No experience or equipment required

Where?  At the Bathurst Curling Club, 209 St Andrew Curling Club

When? Wednesdays from 1 to 3PM, November 17 to December 15, 2021 (The club will be open to eat lunch at 12:30 PM)

Cost? $50 for the 6 weeks.  Maximum number is 40.


-Must show proof of ID and double vaccination for those born in 2009 and earlier, and masks within the clubhouse must be worn.

-Transportation to and from activity must be provided by parent/guardian.

-Appropriate clothing- warm clothing and toque, non slippery mitts, clean non slippery sneakers/boots, comfortable pants

-Appropriate and respectful behaviour

Please print clearly and return to your homeroom teacher by November 13, 2021 by 3PM.

Name of Student:  __________________________________        Date of Birth: (Y/M/D)________

Parent/Guardian Name:  _________________________________________________

Home Address:  _________________________________________________________

Postal Code:  _________________________

Home phone Number:  _________________   Cell: ___________________

In case of Emergency

Contact One:  Name: ____________________________________   Relationship:  ___________

                           Phone number: H  ___________________________   Cell ___________________

Contact two:  Name: ____________________________________    Relationship:  ___________

                          Phone number: H  ___________________________   Cell ___________________

Personal Information:

Medicare number:  _________________________  

Health Concerns:  Allergies:  _______________                Other:   _________________

I understand the rules and expectations and I accept that should any inappropriate behaviour occur, my son/daughter may lose the curling privileges.  

______________________________  ____________________________       ____________________

Printed Name                                                Signature                                                    Date


For Curling Club records only:

Proof of ID and vaccinations was demonstrated and date:  ___________              ________


For detailed schedule information, please visit the NB Curling Association Calendar. For more

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