Chase the Ace | Bathurst Curling Club

Chase the Ace

In support of the Bathurst Curling Club, Rotary and Local Charities
Wednesdays @ Bathurst Curling Club 8:00 pm
209 St Andrew St, Bathurst, NB

Charitable Organization Winners / Consolation Prize Winners

Draw #3 | June 19, 2024   Jack of Diamonds

Winning Charitable Organization
 All Amount: $415
Consolation Winner
 Linda Boudreau Amount: $1,661
 Ticket Number: Blue / Bleu 01221 Value of Ace of Hearts: $12,352
Draw #2 | June 12, 2024   9 of Clubs

Winning Charitable Organization
 All Amount: $533
Consolation Winner
 Amelia Dempsey Amount: $1,064
 Ticket Number: Green/Vert 32653 Value of Ace of Hearts: $9,265
Draw #1 | June 05, 2024   4 of Spades

Winning Charitable Organization
 All 9 Non Profits Amount: $267
Consolation Winner
 Mary-Ellen Kennah Amount: $1,070
 Ticket Number: Green/Vert 27018 Value of Ace of Hearts: $7,674



About the Bathurst Curling Club

The non-profit, volunteer-run Bathurst Curling Club has been a fixture on St. Andrew Street in the Bathurst community since 1909. Over the years we have supported curlers of all ages and sponsored community events including the Canada Winter Games. We have been a meeting place for a variety of Bathurst organizations. For the past twenty plus years “Curl for Cancer” has raised tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Ticket prices are

$5.00 for 1 ticket or $20.00 for 6 tickets


The Bathurst Curling Club has partnered with the Rotary Club of Bathurst to share the work, expenses and proceeds of the Chase the Ace.


The Bathurst Curling Club will use the proceeds to help with:

·       Operation expenses so everyone can afford to curl

·       Energy projects to improve efficiency and to become greener

·       Improving the accessibility of the building

Our curlers want to continue to be a vital community organization by promoting active living through curling for all ages and by supporting community events or groups.


The Rotary Club of Bathurst's proceeds will be used for its many community service initiatives, both locally and abroad.  Organizations that have benefitted from Rotary's support include:  Bathurst Volunteer Centre, Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation, Four Directions, School Milk Fund, School Food Security, Camp Ectus and many more.


These local Nonprofits will share our donations equally for their very worthwhile initiatives and programs

  • Bathurst Volunteer Center
  • Multicultural Association Chaleur region
  • Bathurst Emergency Homeless Shelter
  • Nutrition Program Bathurst Region (Anglophone North School District)
  • Programme de nutrition région Bathurst (District scolaire Nord-Est)
  • Bathurst Heritage Museum.
  • Bathurst Foster Family Association
  • Maison de Passage House
  • Bathurst SPCA


              The jackpot will be seeded with $5,000.00 prior to the first draw. 

                             20% of the weekly sale of tickets will be awarded to the ticket holder whose name is drawn from                                                 the drum

                             30% of the weekly sale of tickets will be added to the Jackpot

                             50% will go The Bathurst Curling Club Inc. and the Rotary Club of Bathurst 



-Numbered tickets will be sold weekly at the cost of $5.00 per ticket or $20.00 for 6 tickets.

-Tickets will be on sale at all vendors from Thursday morning until Wednesday at noon.

-Tickets sales are restricted to those 19 years and older.

-A purchaser must be in the province of NB when tickets are purchased.

-A person may purchase as many tickets as desired for any given week.

-People may purchase tickets by themselves or with others.

-In the case of group purchases, the person whose name is on the ticket will be considered the group’s representative.  This person will be the sole contact for BCC and Rotary. He/she will be responsible for the distribution of any winnings.

-It is the responsibility of the person purchasing the ticket to ensure the name and contact information are clearly written and legible.

**A blank ticket will be discarded and will not be eligible for any prize money.  Another draw will take place immediately.  Please check that all tickets are completed clearly!

**It is strongly recommended that a specific name and telephone number be written on any group ticket. This person will be the group’s representative.  In the event this is not done, the person associated with the phone number will be considered to be the group’s representative.  

-Members of the committee directly responsible for the weekly placement and reveal of the selected card are not permitted to purchase tickets.



-Tickets will be on sale at the Bathurst Curling Club, 209 St. Andrew Street, Bathurst from 4 PM until                         7:30PM on Wednesdays initially 

-Tickets will be available from Curling and Rotary Members.


                  Listed North to South and highlighted names are linked to their webpages.


·       Restigouche Guardian Pharmacy

·       Dépanneur D.R. Petit-Rocher

·       Exit Nigadoo Truck Stop

·       Variétés S.C. Haché Robertville

·       Needs Shell Beresford

·       Ideal Gas Bar North Tetagouche

·       Pabineau Irving Mawi'omi

·       Exit Vanier

·       Speedy Glass

·       Place Bathurst Mall Lotto Kiosk

·       City Glass and Locks Ltd.

·       Needs Fast Fuel (Sobeys)

·       Harbourview Esso

·       Bathurst Heritage Museum

·       Layers 3D Print Studio

·       Tower Jewellers

·       Big Deal Market

·       Harbourview Guardian Pharmacy

·       Four Rivers Brewing

·       Tumbleweed Bar & Fry House

·       Needs Shell East Bathurst

·       Petro-Canada Main St

·       Glendenning’s Canteen

·       Jay's Place

The Curling Club and Rotary Club of Bathurst thank them for their support of our community!



  • All draws will be live-streamed (from the Bathurst Curling Club, 209 St. Andrew Street, Bathurst) on the Bathurst Curling Club's Facebook page each Wednesday at 8PM. Everyone is welcome to be present for the draw.
  • The first draw will be held June 5, 2024 and will continue for a maximum of 52 weeks or until the Ace of Hearts is selected and claimed.
  • Should there be a storm, or for any other reason the draw cannot be held on the Wednesday, that week’s draw will take place as soon as conditions permit using those tickets sold for that week (no additional tickets will be sold).
  • Prior to the live weekly draw, all remaining cards of a standard deck of cards will be shuffled, placed in numbered envelopes and then posted on a board.
  • Each Wednesday, one winning ticket will be drawn at random from all of the week’s ticket sold.  The holder of the ticket will automatically win 20% of the week’s ticket sales, known as the consolation prize.  Additionally, that ticket holder will have a chance to choose the Ace of Hearts by selecting one of the numbered envelopes that may contain the Ace of Hearts.  If the Ace of Hearts is in the chosen envelope, that person shall win the Chase the Ace jackpot as well as the consolation prize.  That would end this Chase the Ace lottery. If the Ace of Hearts is not selected, the next week’s draw will take place.
  • A standard deck of cards will be used.  Once a card has been drawn, the date and the winner’s name will be written on it.  It will be displayed on a board at the Bathurst Curling Club and on the BCC webpage as well as on the Rotary Club of Bathurst Facebook page.  The deck of cards will be secured on site at the Bathurst Curling Club.
  • This will continue until the Ace of Hearts is drawn.


The person who has the ticket drawn from the weekly sale of tickets may be present at the draw or will be called the night of the draw.   There are 3 scenarios:

(a)    If the winning ticket holder is present, a choice of the remaining cards displayed on the board will be made by the night’s winner pointing to the chosen card or by verbally choosing a number or by opting for the bingo baller.  That card will be revealed by the designated committee member while being streamed. 

(b)    If the winning ticket holder is not present, the winning ticket holder will be called and informed of the number of remaining cards ( ie: 1- 52, 1- 51, 1-50 and so on depending on the number of weeks there has been a draw).  Once the night’s winner has selected a number and that number is confirmed verbally, the numbered envelope with the standard playing card inside will be removed from the board and the card inside that envelope will be revealed by a committee member while being streamed.

(c)     If the night’s winner is called but is not available within 15 minutes of the first phone call, a random choice will be made by numbered bingo balls that match the number of playing cards on the board being placed in the spinner.  The numbered ball dropped will be the winning ticket holder’s envelope choice for that week’s draw. 


Other Important Information 

              In order to claim any weekly winnings, one pictured identification card and the ticket stub must be shown in order to receive the cheque.  Cheques will only be given to the person whose name is on the winning ticket.  If a group were to win and no individual name is noted, the person associated with the phone number on the ticket will be designated as the group’s representative. He/she will receive the cheque.  That person would be responsible for the distribution of the winnings to their group.


Any winner who collects their winnings will automatically be deemed to grant The Bathurst Curling Club and the Rotary Club of Bathurst an irrevocable right to publish, through all types of media, for the purposes of promoting the win their full name and photo without any claim for broadcasting, printing or other rights. The winner who is paid also gives the Curling and Rotary clubs the right to publish any additional information that they may voluntarily provide.   The winner shall have no claim against either the Curling and Rotary clubs for the invasion of privacy or any other ground(s) by reason of the publication or broadcasting of their name, photo or volunteered information. 


Possible Scenarios and Resolutions

Illegible Tickets

 If the emcee cannot read the name and or the phone number on the ticket, the ticket will be given to a committee of 3 (the accountant’, the assistant emcee and one other person) to decipher or deem the name and number illegible.  If illegible, the ticket will then be shown on the livestream broadcast but a random choice will automatically be made using the numbered bingo balls method.  The ticket number will be posted at the Bathurst Curling Club, and on the Facebook pages and websites of the Bathurst Curling Club as well as the Rotary Club of Bathurst. 

 There are two possible scenarios.

(1) The Ace of Hearts was not randomly selected, only the consolation prize may be won. Ticket sales will continue Thursday morning. The ticket holder has until the following Wednesday at 7PM to present their ID and ticket stub to the BCC representative. If that ticket owner does not present the ticket stub within the timeframe, that week’s consolation prize will be added to the following week’s consolation prize.

2) The Ace of Hearts was randomly selected the consolation prize and jackpot may be won.  Ticket sales will cease.  The ticket holder has until the following Wednesday at 7PM to present their ID and ticket stub to the BCC representative.  If legitimately claimed, the winner would be announced that evening and the Chase the Ace would end.  If not claimed, the Ace of Hearts will be re-inserted into the deck of remaining cards and another draw will be made that evening using the previous week’s tickets and consolation/jackpot prize values.


Wrong Person is contacted

              If for some reason the wrong person is contacted and is incorrectly told he/she/they have won the consolation prize or the jackpot, the error will be corrected.  This incorrect person will not win any prize money.  Once the correct person is contacted, the Chase the Ace board will be reset as soon as possible. That correct person will then have the opportunity choose a numbered envelope and win either the consolation prize or jackpot.


The 52nd week is reached but Ace of Hearts has not been drawn

              Some weekly draws may not occur because of snow storms or unforeseen circumstances but the 52nd week may be reached.  The first draw of the evening will take place as normal.  If that person does not choose the envelope with the Ace of Hearts, he/she/they will win the consolation prize only.  If there is only one other card remaining on the board, another draw will be made and he/she/they will win the jackpot only.  If there is more than one card remaining, draws will continue until the hidden Ace of Hearts is selected.  He/she/they will win the jackpot only.

  Have fun and good luck!